HealthBridge works with partners world-wide to improve health and health equity through research, policy and action.

Our Impact

In Bolivia, we have helped over 500 families improve their chicken and sheep farming practices. In coming years they will be eating more eggs, milk and meat, and enjoying improved health.

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In rural India, more than 9,000 men and women were educated about maternal and child health. With men’s support, 20% more women gave birth in a health facility and 19% more women received ante-natal care.

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In Vietnam we helped save traditional markets in Hanoi from destruction. This means 270,000 residents still have access to healthy, fresh food and 2,700 vendors retain their livelihoods. 

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Staff spotlight

Debra Efroymson Regional Director

Debra joined HealthBridge as a consultant in 1995 and later became full-time. In her role as Regional Director she provides support to different programs (livable cities, tobacco control and NCD prevention, and gender and reproductive health). Based in Bangladesh, she works particularly with HealthBridge’s Asian partner organizations. Her work includes research, training, writing and advising organizations in a range of countries. In the last several[…]

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Hanoi residents undaunted by busier streets

August 31, 2015

Increasing traffic in Hanoi is making the city less livable, according to a recent article co-authored by HealthBridge board member Mark Zuidgeest. 

However, Mark and his fellow authors were surprised to find that heavier traffic on some streets did not make residents less sociable. 

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New video - Recovering from Disruption

August 25, 2015

"We need to learn from places like Bangladesh how to have a high quality of life with low carbon emissions and resource consumption."

That's the message of a new video, Recovering from Disruption: A Comprehensive Approach to Building a Better, More Sustainable World. 

The video was co-produced by HealthBridge, and Work for a Better Bangladesh. 

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