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June 25, 2011 By Peter Berti Post a comment!

     In the previous posting, I wrote with some pleasure about the frequency with which some of HealthBridge's papers have been cited.  But then shortly after that posting, I came across a reference to our 2004 paper in Public Health Nutrition that completely misrepresented the article!  So I reviewed all 51 citations that Google Scholar…

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May 21, 2011 By Peter Berti Post a comment!

I work in global health - I want to have an impact on global health.  And I would like to know what the impact of my work has been.  But I often work far removed from the vulnerable populations we work to help, as I provide technical backstopping, conduct training, lead evaluations and conduct research.  Other HealthBridge colleagues are in a similar situation. While I am…

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May 19, 2011 By Peter Berti Post a comment!

I first started at HealthBridge in 1998.  One of my first tasks was to revise and manage the field test of FRAT - Fortification Rapid Assessment Tool.  FRAT was the brainchild of Sian FitzGerald (HealthBridge Executive Director and David Alnwick, then the Chief of Nutrition at Unicef).  It was designed as a tool to rapidly evaluate the suitablility of foods for fortification …

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May 17, 2011 By Peter Berti Post a comment!

Welcome to my blog.  I hope to use this space to talk a little about HealthBridge's work in global health.  I will tell some of the stories behind our work and be able to write less formally then I do in my scientific publications.  I do not expect a big audience, but I do hope that you few who read it find it worthwhile and…

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