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HB Board member named Outstanding Philanthropist

June 23, 2016 Filed under Other

In addition to being a Board member, David has been a donor to HealthBridge for nearly 20 years. supporting some of our core activities, thus allowing us to be creative and innovative in the way we approach emerging issues and draw attention to them. This is a uniquely valuable kind of gift, and his ongoing support has helped us to be strategic in our work. 

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HealthBridge wins livable cities challenge in Vietnam

June 1, 2016 Filed under Livable Cities

HealthBridge and partners have won a challenge to make the city of Da Nang more livable for its most disadvantaged populations.

Responding to the Da Nang Social Cohesion Challenge, the consortium of HealthBridge, Think Playground (Vietnam) and Playground Ideas (Australia), proposed to revitalize a public space in Da Nang city by transforming a dumpsite into a neighborhood park.

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Saving lives of women and children in Nepal and Vietnam

May 17, 2016 Filed under Gender Equality, Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn & Child Health

With partners, we are working in remote and rural areas of Nepal and Vietnam to reduce maternal and child illness and death, and improve nutrition for moms and babies from pregnancy to age two. This is the most crucial stage for child survival and development. 

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From Field to Fork project wraps up with workshop

March 21, 2016 Filed under Health, Nutrition & Food Security

"They were also educating members of the community about nutrition and a healthier diet. The result is simple: the community is healthier than before."

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Students portray obstacles on their school routes

February 23, 2016 Filed under Livable Cities, Other

Students in the Bangladesh capital Dhaka recently drew pictures portraying the difficulties they face on the way to school.

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HealthBridge is new secretariat for global tobacco control alliance, FCA

February 4, 2016 Filed under Tobacco Control & NCD Prevention, Other

On Jan. 1, 2016, HealthBridge became the secretariat for the Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control (FCA). 

FCA played an instrumental role as civil society’s representative at the creation of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, and today has nearly 500 member organizations in more than 100 countries. HealthBridge and FCA have collaborated on numerous projects over the years. 

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Celebrating car-free day

January 21, 2016 Filed under Livable Cities

Our partner in India, ESAF, recently helped the city of Thrissur celebrate international car-free day. 

Watch their very lively video.

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Ambassadors visit nutrition project in Vietnam

January 19, 2016 Filed under Health, Nutrition & Food Security

The Ambassadors of Canada (Mr David Devine) and Switzerland (Ms Beatrice Maser) to Vietnam visited the site of a HealthBridge project on Jan. 14, 2016.

They were very impressed with what a local family has learned from the project: they are now  raising chickens for their eggs, worms to feed the chickens (vermiculture), and have improved how they grow vegetables and rice, all of which benefits their children and the community.

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Informal open spaces essential for Kampala slum dwellers

December 10, 2015 Filed under Livable Cities

Informal open spaces provide places where slum dwellers in Uganda’s capital Kampala can exercise and do myriad other activities but the areas are constantly under threat, found a recent report by HealthBridge and the Non-communicable Diseases Information and Control Centre (NICC). 

Not only were the 34 open spaces examined in the study used for recreational activities, including volleyball, netball, running, bike-riding and boxing, they were also used for activities such as traffic thoroughfares, gardening, prayer and as locales for vendors.…

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Revitalizing Hanoi’s urban parks

November 11, 2015 Filed under Livable Cities

Population growth in Vietnam's capital Hanoi has outstripped the capacity of neighborhood parks and playgrounds. While the city government has a plan to make Hanoi green and clean, it lacks policy measures to achieve targets it has set.

With funding from The Asia Foundation, HealthBridge has published the report Urban governance in preservation and management of neighborhood parks/playgrounds in inner-city districts of Hanoi. It makes numerous recommendations, such as revising the National Urban Upgrading Program to ensure adequate parks and playgrounds.

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