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Facilitating alcohol control law development in Vietnam


Excessive use of alcohol is one of the main causes of non-communicable disease (NCD). While countries around the world have made significant progress in passing laws and policies to reduce tobacco use, little progress has been made in doing the same for alcohol. The intent of this project is to develop an evidence base for developing, and implementing, alcohol control policy in Vietnam. Specifically, research will address: international best practices in alcohol control; the affordability of alcohol and the potential role of taxes to reduce affordability; industry marketing efforts and ways to address them, and the link between alcohol use and poverty. This project builds on the extensive experience of HealthBridge in developing and implementing tobacco control law, and in tobacco taxation. 





March 2013-Nov. 30, 2016

Expected Results

The project will investigate international best practices in alcohol control, as well as local affordability, marketing and the association between alcohol use and poverty. In doing so, it will generate evidence contributing to the development of an alcohol control policy for Vietnam.