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Trevor Haché Co-founder, Healthy Transportation Coalition

Trevor Hache is the Co-founder of the Healthy Transportation Coalition, based in Ottawa, Canada. The Healthy Transportation Coalition works to make the city better for pedestrians, cyclists and public transit riders, with a particular focus on transportation equity. The Coalition’s charitable projects are housed at HealthBridge Foundation of Canada. Trevor began working with HealthBridge as a consultant in 2014, and became an employee in November 2017. He previously worked as[…]

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Vietnam makes important progress with passage of the Alcohol Control Law

July 11, 2019

A most noteworthy accomplishment in the first six months of 2019, was the passage of the Alcohol Control Law on June 14th. HealthBridge Vietnam provided technical support to the Ministry of Health when it was drafting the legislation, wrote the related communications materials, and engaged in effective media outreach, and advocacy directed at policy makers, in partnership with the Ministry.

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