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Livable Cities Dispatches: WUF9

March 13, 2018 Written by a HealthBridge guest blogger Accessibility, Advocacy, Livable Cities, Public Spaces, Urban Planning, Walking Post a comment!

Hear Livable Cities partners share highlights and learnings from World Urban Forum 9. 

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Looking beyond nutrition

March 2, 2018 By Peter Berti Agriculture, Healthy Eating, Nutrition Post a comment!

Eating for nutrition is important, but there is much more to nutrition than only food.

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Upside Down at the World Urban Forum

March 1, 2018 By Debra Efroymson Cars, Cities, Cycling, Gender, Livable Cities, Public Spaces, Public Transit, Urban Planning Post a comment!

The World Ubran Forum was an energizing event, but there was a lot that was not right. Women's voices and conversations on transport were notably missing. 

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The Joy of Home Gardens

February 2, 2018 Written by a HealthBridge guest blogger Bangladesh, Healthy Eating, Nutrition Post a comment!

When I was young, I had a calendar with a picture of a terrace garden. Lack of space and knowledge used to keep me from creating a garden at home. But now that I know how to create an urban garden, I’m all set to turn that saved picture from that old calendar into reality.

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Who defines tasty?

December 7, 2017 By Debra Efroymson Healthy Eating, Nutrition Post a comment!

Where do our ideas about delicious food come from? How much are those ideas influenced by advertising? More importantly, how can we positively influence people’s attitudes towards healthy and unhealthy foods?

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Learning tolerance through others

October 15, 2017 Written by a HealthBridge guest blogger Bangladesh, Children, Gender, Socializing Post a comment!

There was no red lipstick and no fancy saree. There were only malnourished girls living in poverty.

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Laughter and learning about nutrition for mothers and infants in Vietnam’s highlands

October 11, 2017 Written by a HealthBridge guest blogger Children, Health care, Healthy Eating, Maternal & child health, MNCH, Nutrition, Vietnam Post a comment!

These workshops provide local health workers an opportunity to enhance their understanding of nutritional needs for mothers and infants through fun and interactive activies, including the hands-on food demonstrations.

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Street dramas for health

September 29, 2017 Written by a HealthBridge guest blogger Gender, Health care, Impact, Maternal & child health, MNCH, Nepal, Vietnam Post a comment!

Youth are taking the lead to promote maternal, newborn and child health through interactive street dramas in Nepal.

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(Un)Healthy canteen: My excuse for obesity

September 26, 2017 Written by a HealthBridge guest blogger Bangladesh, Dhaka, Education, Healthy Eating, NCDs, Nutrition Post a comment!

Being a university student with a hard-pressed schedule, he finds he has no time for anything but burgers, French fries and other processed foods.

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September 19, 2017 By Debra Efroymson Advocacy, Bangladesh Post a comment!

They come in with fresh ideas and questions, full of energy and creativity. They are eager to learn and to gain new skills.

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