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Recent Blog Entries: Healthy Eating

Giving street vendors their proper place

May 31, 2015 By Debra Efroymson Healthy Eating, Livable Cities, Public Spaces, Socializing, Urban Planning Post a comment!

What role do street vendors play in cities? Does it make sense to ban them or should we work to preserve them?

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Markets vs. supermarkets

May 15, 2015 By Debra Efroymson Healthy Eating, Livable Cities, NCDs, Urban Planning Post a comment!

Helping people make healthy food choices requires access to sellers of fruits and vegetables...preferably without the temptation of buying ultra-processed food. Markets do just that and are great for local economies, but can pose a threat to big business, and thus can be subject to bans. But we can fight back.

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People over profits

April 22, 2015 By Debra Efroymson Advocacy, Exercise, Healthy Eating, NCDs Post a comment!

Can what we have learned from tobacco control be usefully applied to NCDs overall? Or should the two always be kept separate?

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Beef lovers beware!

March 11, 2015 By Debra Efroymson Healthy Eating Post a comment!

The industrial meat production system in the United States, which is spreading internationally, is good at producing large quantities of meat at low price. That is, the price is low if we ignore the many externalities of the production, such as dealing with vast swamps of stinking waste. Another externality is disease caused by salmonella and E. coli O157:H7. When you raise a lot of cows in close…

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January 14, 2015 By Peter Berti Healthy Eating Post a comment!

We recently published a review of the literature of the dietary in the Andes. This blog posting discusses some of the key points.

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In praise of small shops

June 28, 2014 By Debra Efroymson Healthy Eating, Livable Cities Post a comment!

For many reasons I prefer to do most of my shopping in small, local, independent businesses. In terms of groceries, there are no temptations to buy unhealthy, processed foods when the only items for sale are fresh fruits and vegetables, as is the case in many small local shops. Grocery stores, in contrast, typically have a single aisle of fresh produce and several aisles of packaged foods. I like…

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Mangoes in your backyard?

May 16, 2014 By Debra Efroymson Dhaka, Healthy Eating, Urban Planning Post a comment!

Just before writing this, I happily devoured two delicious mangoes from a tree growing next to our office. Although Dhaka is a megacity of somewhere between 12 and 15 million inhabitants, densely populated, and suffering from intense traffic congestion, there is a fair amount of food grown and produced in the city. I have grown lettuce and basil on my veranda; others have thriving vegetable gardens in the tiny spaces around…

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Why settle for less?

January 15, 2014 By Debra Efroymson Exercise, Happiness, Healthy Eating, NCDs Post a comment!

What if we could take a magic pill that allowed us to eat only junk food and travel only by car and yet never get fat, suffer from diabetes, or need repeated fillings? Of course we’d still have plenty of car crashes and would lose the pleasure of enjoying fresh, healthy foods. We might also lose our farmers’ markets and some other urban amenities. Life would…

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Why we work on NCDs

January 10, 2014 By Debra Efroymson Healthy Eating, NCDs, Public Transit Post a comment!

As commutes take longer and more women work outside the home, people have less time and energy to prepare their own meals. Encouraging and pushing that trend are the many advertisements for readymade foods, many of which have little if any nutritional value while being high in fat, sugar, salt, and calories. The change in diet is accompanied by a similarly dramatic change in physical activity patterns. Traffic and…

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A colourful palette for your palate

August 18, 2013 By Debra Efroymson Healthy Eating Post a comment!

Life is full of happy coincidences. For example, many people find cycling to be an enjoyable activity; it also happens to be a great form of exercise and transport. Exercise is vital for health, but it also helps make people feel and look better. A meal that contains a variety of natural colours not only looks more appealing, but is also much healthier than one that has few if…

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