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It’s all about our people

November 24, 2015 Written by a HealthBridge guest blogger Advocacy, Children, Cycling, Health care, Healthy Eating, Impact, India, Maternal & child health, NCDs, Nutrition, Walking Post a comment!

By HealthBridge Executive Director Sian FitzGerald

There’s no doubt that HealthBridge has made an impact in the last year – HealthBridge in Vietnam has contributed to saving hundreds of lives by strengthening the country’s Tobacco Control and Alcohol Control laws, and ensuring their implementation through the National Strategy for NCD Control.  In Asia and Africa we have helped vulnerable people access public spaces and safe walking and cycling, for their physical, social, and mental wellbeing.  Mothers and babies in rural India have a better chance of survival thanks to the tireless efforts of our local partner EFICOR.  More than 9,000 men and women were educated about maternal and child health, and with men’s support, 20% more women gave birth in a health facility and received ante-natal care.  In poor and isolated communities in Bolivia, over 500 families are producing more meat and eggs, children and mothers are eating more nutritious foods, and families are more food secure and healthy.  We helped save traditional markets in Hanoi from destruction.  This means 270,000 residents still have access to healthy, fresh food and 2,700 vendors retain their livelihoods.  

HealthBridge Executive Director Sian FitzGerald 
(left) with former Board member Gail Taylor.

“We” are working on important issues to improve global health and health equity, this is true – our mission is to improve health and health equity among vulnerable populations.  But who is “we”?  

“We” is the people, the staff, the volunteers, the partners – and it is time to say thank you.  Thanks to the staff, who respond to the needs that arise and get the job done.  Thanks to the board members, who volunteer their time, their energy, their intelligence, their contacts, and sometimes even their money, to support the staff and the programs.  Thanks to other volunteers, fundraisers, event organizers, and e-waste collectors – you bring an army of activity that would be impossible to do without you, and you help spread the word about our mission.  Thanks to the interns and coop students – you help us develop our programs, and hopefully you learn something about caring for the people in the world in the process!  Thanks to our partners – we work with local country partners to identify priority issues, and design and implement appropriate solutions.  Collaboration with our partners around the world, local, global, big and small, allows us to make a difference.  

The success of our work depends on all of you, the individuals, the groups, the volunteers, the organizations – the people.  We would be lost without you!

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