HealthBridge works with partners world-wide to improve health and health equity through research, policy and action.

Board of Directors

Our board members are leaders in their area of expertise, with connections to the NGO community, international health, government and the business/corporate community. The primary role of board members is to act in an advisory capacity to HealthBridge, to enhance our outreach, as well as to guide our mission and goals, set policy, and ensure fiduciary responsibility.

Celebrating 2016 Individual Philanthropist of the Year, David Sweanor, at the Awards ceremony of the Alliance of Fundraising Professionals in Ottawa. From left to right: Bibi Patel, Vice President, Community Foundation of Ottawa; David Sweanor, Board Member Emeritus, HealthBridge (HB); Megan Williams, Chair, HB Board of Directors; Lex Burger, HB Board Member; Cindy Demontigny, Chair of the Fundraising Committee, HB Board of Directors; Trevor Hache, Program Director, Healthy Transportation Coalition.

Dr. Catherine Hankins

Board Member Emeritus Professor of Public and Population Health McGill University Montreal, QC, Canada

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Mr. David T. Sweanor

Board Member Emeritus Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Law University of Ottawa Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Ms. Megan Williams

Board Chair Manager, Health Promotion and Communications Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit Barrie, ON, Canada

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Dr. Mark Young

Board Secretary Senior Health Specialist (Retired) UNICEF Garden Bay, BC, Canada

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Professor Mark Zuidgeest

Treasurer Professor, Centre for Transport Studies University of Cape Town South Africa

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Dr. Orvill Adams

Owner and Director Orvill Adams & Associates Incorporated Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Mrs. Marilyn Collette

President Social Enterprise for Change Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Professor Don de Savigny

Prof. Emeritus University of Basel Merrickville, ON, Canada

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Dr. Kami Kandola

Chief Public Health Officer Government of the Northwest Territories Yellowknife, NWT, Canada

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Dr. Abiola Okpechi

Subject Matter Expert on Business and Human Rights Assent Compliance Inc. Calgary, AB, Canada

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Dr. Eva Rathgeber

Adjunct Professor University of Ottawa Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Dr. Carol Vlassoff

Adjunct Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Community Medicine University of Ottawa Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Dr. Gail Webber

Assistant professor of Family Medicine University of Ottawa Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Ms. Marina Whelan

Owner Whelan & Associates Consulting Barrie, ON, Canada

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