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Mrs. Marilyn Collette

Board Member President Social Enterprise for Change Ottawa, ON, Canada

For the past 26 years, Marilyn Collette has been an International Development Expert, working   in a variety of international settings with Canadian and International companies and agencies. She has either worked directly or collaborated with bilateral development assistance partners and international organizations around the world, including the Asian Development Bank, the Canadian International Development Agency, the World Bank, the UNDP, and the World Food Program.

During her 16 year career with the Canadian International Development Agency, (1984-2000) she worked as a Project Planner, implementer and Senior Analyst on multi-sector issues in the Caribbean, China, Thailand, Vietnam and other Asian economies. Her most accomplished years were spent on public policy development and institutional capacity building projects in her 6 years in China with the Canadian Embassy in Beijing.

Mrs. Collette was Senior Governance Specialist at the Asian Development Bank (2000-2004), in Manila, Philippines.  In that capacity she significantly contributed to the implementation of the AsDB’s Governance Policy in Asia. She also managed governance technical assistance and country assessment projects in China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, including policy dialogue work with the respective governments on policy change and 5-year strategic plans.

In 2004, she served as the Director of the International Program of the National Judicial Institute in Ottawa, (2004-2007), directing and managing the international cooperation group’s diverse portfolio of projects in judicial systems reform in countries such as China and the Philippines.

Marilyn has more than 18 years of experience living and working abroad, understanding foreign cultures and their development challenges i.e. Malaysia, Cameroun, China, Philippines and Switzerland. She is a skilful networker, connector and a knowledge-based professional with a results orientated focus.

In 2007 she founded SEChange International.  The mission of Social Enterprise for Change is to broker and monitor projects between private sector clients, social investors and social entrepreneurs.  Marilyn has worked with social enterprises and private sector clients in Canada, Switzerland, Tanzania, Nicaragua, Madagascar and the Philippines to broker relationships between those involved with social good projects and their financiers, providing both financial and social returns for both parties.  She is a regular participant in international social enterprise conferences such as the Schwab and Skoll Foundation Forums and served as a member of the China Advisory Board of International Bridges to Justice,

Since September 2014, has served as National Chair of Mercy Ships Canada as a Director of the International Board and as Special Envoy to the Phillipines to manage aspects of the arrival of the new hospital ship the Global Mercy.   

In May 2020, Marilyn was very pleased to be nominated to the Board of Directors of HealthBridge International, for which she is honoured to serve for a two-year term.

A graduate of the Carleton School of Social Work, with a B.A. from Dalhousie University, she is happily married with two adult children. Her favourite pastimes are Asian cooking, tennis, wind-surfing and kayaking.