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Mrs. Marilyn Collette

President Social Enterprise for Change Ottawa, ON, Canada

Throughout her career as an International Development Specialist and Policy Advisor Marilyn Collette has been assessing, planning and managing large scale international development programs and projects in a variety of settings. Her deep experience in solving complex design issues, building trust with local partners for project implementation and in supplying policy advice, has led extensive work with international organizations around the world.

Mrs. Collette served as Senior Governance Specialist at the Asian Development Bank, in Manila, Philippines. In that capacity she significantly contributed to the implementation of the bank’s Governance Policy in Asia. She also managed governance technical assistance and country assessment projects in China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, including policy dialogue work with the respective governments on policy change and 5-year strategic plans.

As part of her 22 year career with the Canadian International Development Agency, she fulfilled two 3 year assignments at the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, China for the Development Assistance Program. As a Senior Planner and Program Analyst her 18 years living abroad, found her working in the Governance, Education and Agriculture sectors, in Malaysia, Cameroun, China, Philippines and Switzerland. Thereafter, she served as the Director of the International Program of the National Judicial Institute of Canada, directing and managing the international cooperation group’s diverse portfolio of projects in judicial systems reform in China, Russia and the Philippines.

Mrs. Collette is currently President of Social Enterprise for Change, which provides technical assistance to social entrepreneurs and brokers relationships with private sector clients and social investors --between those involved with social good projects and their financiers, providing both financial and social returns for both parties. Mrs. Collette’s has served as a Board Member of Mercy Ships Canada for 10 years, 5 of which as Chair. She is currently an International Board director for Mercy Ships International.