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Ms. Marina Whelan

Owner Whelan & Associates Consulting Barrie, ON, Canada

Marina has being involved in a wide range of programs throughout her many years in public health.  Much of her career has been in the area of environmental health programs including chronic disease prevention, tobacco control, safe food and water programs, vector-borne diseases and communicable disease control.

Over the last number of years, Marina’s primary focus has been in the areas of healthy communities by design and climate change mitigation and adaptation.  This has included development of healthy policy tools for municipalities and advocacy for supportive legislative structures.  Marina was also the co-authour of a local climate change vulnerability assessment with a public health lens.

Marina has a keen passion for work at the intersection of environment and health.  To further her knowledge and involvement in this area, she completed a Masters of Environment and Business from the University of Waterloo, Ontario.  This graduate program, called a ‘green MBA’, has a focus on regional, national and international sustainability that considers social, environmental and economical pillars as components of corporate and government actions.