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National Conference on Tobacco Control and Health Promotion

January 3-4, 2016 Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Government of Bangladesh has approved a one percent surcharge on tobacco products. Groups, including HealthBridge partner Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust, are campaigning to have the surcharge dedicated to support health promotion, particularly actions to reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). This would take place via activities such as bans on advertisements for unhealthy foods and improved conditions for purposive physical activity (walking and cycling) as well as strengthened tobacco control.

In order to gain more multi-sectoral involvement for the campaign, WBB Trust is organizing a conference on Jan. 4, 2016 in Dhaka, preceded by a pre-conference workshop on Jan. 3. Topics on the conference agenda include healthy diet, healthy environment, inclusive development, and sustainable funding mechanisms. The workshop on Jan. 3 will focus on media, advocacy, research, and networking.

HealthBridge is a co-organizer of the conference and Regional Director Debra Efroymson is involved in organizing both events and will speak at both.