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Public Space: An invaluable resource to deliver sustainable urban health

April 5, 2016, 1:00-2:30 PM Chapel Room at the Historic Building of the University of Barcelona


This Side Event of the United Nations' Habitat 3 Thematic Meeting on Public Spaces features condensed informative talks for how public spaces can support public health.

An interactive World Café will allow participants to share best practices, urban strategies and innovative ideas to develop approaches for urban policy to inform the New Urban Agenda in terms of public health policy.


  • Health at the ‘Heart’ of Sustainable Cities: Health impacts of public spaces; Dr Nathalie Röbbel, World Health Organization
  • Parks Master Planning. Local planning influencing national policy in Vietnam; Ms. Kristie Daniel, HealthBridge Foundation of Canada
  • A Streets-­‐based Approach to Public Health; Mr. Florian Lorenz, Smarter Than Car
  • Local Public Markets in Vietnam. From National policy to local implementation; Ms. Kristie Daniel, HealthBridge Foundation of Canada

Moderator: Ms. Katie Dain, NCD Alliance