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Health, Nutrition & Food Security

The Health, Nutrition & Food Security program addresses the double burden of over and under nutrition through a food systems approach, strengthens food systems towards resilience, and improves child feeding practices, including breastfeeding.

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Global health is slowly improving. The global community has witnessed a decline in child deaths; food has become more abundant than ever before; and new medicines and technologies are continually becoming available. Despite these improvements, millions of children die each year from malnutrition, thousands of women die during pregnancy and childbirth, and millions of people are living with impaired health and decreased quality of life due to preventable and treatable illness.

HealthBridge is part of the global fight against malnutrition and is a member of the global Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement, a coalition of civil society organizations with a shared vision of improving nutrition. HealthBridge is also co-chair of the SUN Civil Society Alliance (SUN CSA) in Vietnam. The goal of SUN CSA Vietnam is to mobilize civil society organizations and work with the Government and other stakeholders to amplify nutrition as a development priority.

The work of HealthBridge contributes to understanding and addressing health problems that communities living in vulnerable situations face. With local partners we identify what the key problems are, what works to address those problems, and how to best scale up and expand interventions that work.

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HealthBridge’s research investigating the efficiency of project design, evaluation and impact by using publically available data has led to practical findings for NGOs; in some cases, publically available data can be used for baseline data, which can save projects time and resources. Our work supporting home gardening and promoting the consumption of local, micronutrient rich foods in Vietnam, has led to improved home gardening practices in remote communities and an increased consumption of diverse and nutritious foods among mothers and children. In Ecuador, research findings on the nutrition and food system-level benefits of agroecological farming contributed to strengthening responsible, sustainable, and healthy food consumption campaigns, and informed improvements in food policy interventions. The ultimate impacts of our work in health, nutrition and food security are more effective programs and a deeper understanding of the factors that improve the health, nutrition and food security of people and communities living in vulnerable situations.

Health, Nutrition & Food Security

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Health, Nutrition & Food Security


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Health, Nutrition & Food Security


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