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Pedestrians struggle in Indian city of Kochi - report

September 15, 2017 Filed under Livable Cities

Just 54% of footpaths in the city of Kochi, in the state of Keralia, were found to be in poor condition, 34% ‘fair’ and 12% ‘good’.

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The poor cycle more, but the rich get the smooth rides

June 23, 2017 Filed under Livable Cities

Ottawa's Healthy Transportation Coalition is probing why low-income areas don't receive the same funding for cycling infrastructure as wealthier ones.

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Tobacco taxes must rise in Vietnam

June 7, 2017 Filed under Tobacco Control & NCD Prevention

The Report Card recommends that the Vietnamese government increase tobacco tax at a rate higher than the combination of inflation and income growth so that tobacco demand will be curbed over time.

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Parklet Manual - A primer on creating small parks

May 29, 2017 Filed under Livable Cities

This tiny document (8 pages only) is big on practical advice, including: How to create a temporary parklet and, What kinds of games and activities you can have.

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Supporting volunteers in Nepal who help make families healthier

March 9, 2017 Filed under Gender Equality, Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn & Child Health

In the absence of alternative transportation, providing Female Community Health Volunteers in Nepal with bicycles can make it easier for them to make home visits. This allows them to increase the frequency of visits and access families who live in remote areas, which would otherwise take several hours to reach by foot.

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In the news: our promotion of public spaces in Uganda

February 22, 2017 Filed under Livable Cities

Officials in Uganda's capital city Kampala should find ways to take back public spaces that have been encroached upon, argues a HealthBridge partner in a media interview.

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HB Vietnam at Global Cancer Congress 2016

January 18, 2017 Filed under Tobacco Control & NCD Prevention

Healthbridge Vietnam staff delivered three presentations at the Global Cancer Congress 2016, held in Paris from Oct 31 to Nov 3, 2016. 

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Livable Cities Director Kristie Daniel interviewed for ‘Talking Walking’

January 18, 2017 Filed under Livable Cities

"That's partly what our (partners) do," Kristie told the interviewer. "They raise the profile of public spaces, they raise the profile of the importance of sidewalks and of parks, so that people start to pay attention."

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Tim Stone award goes to intern working on livable cities

January 12, 2017 Filed under Livable Cities

Ashiely S James from Bhopal School of Social Sciences, India, has received the Tim Stone Memorial Award for the year 2016.

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Green up and clean up! Improving parks in Dhaka

December 14, 2016 Filed under Livable Cities

“Priority must be given to the improvement of these spaces, so that they can fill their role as places of relaxation, interaction, and active recreation for people of all ages, genders, and activity limitations.”

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