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HealthBridge work on engaging men in family planning featured

February 9, 2015 Filed under Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal, & Child Health

HealthBridge’s Gender programme in India and Vietnam was featured as a case study of a gender transformative approach in family planning.

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Paper published on diet in the Andes

February 4, 2015 Filed under Health, Nutrition & Food Security

HealthBridge Nutrition Advisor Peter Berti and former colleague Cynthia Fallu were co-authors of a recently published paper: A systematic review of the nutritional adequacy of the diet in the Central Andes.

They concluded, in part: "The inadequate intake of some micronutrients is common in many developing countries, but the extremely low intake of dietary fat found in the central Andes is not. Increased consumption of animal-source foods would increase fat intakes, while also addressing micronutrient deficiencies."<…

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Issue 4 of our NCD and Poverty newsletter

December 5, 2014 Filed under Tobacco Control & NCD Prevention

In this issue, we focus on the importance of implementing mainstreaming approaches that address both the multiple impacts of different sectors on non-communicable diseases and the repercussions of NCDs across different sectors.

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Watch our video about Small Animals, Big Changes, in Bolivia

November 28, 2014 Filed under Health, Nutrition & Food Security

We're working with our Bolivian partner CENDA to promote animal husbandry (sheep and chickens) in the Andean zone of the department of Cochabamba in Bolivia. 

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HealthBridge and partners receive Livable Cities grant

November 26, 2014 Filed under

The Healthy Transportation Coalition has been awarded $297,500 for work to ensure that the transportation system in Ottawa enables all residents to choose active and sustainable modes of transportation. 

Using research, community engagement and policy development, the project is expected to lead to improvements to the built and policy environment as decision-makers and city staff will better understand the barriers that vulnerable populations face trying to access a healthy transportation network. 

Priority populations for this project include new immigrants and low-income individuals. Activities will include community engagement, mapping, community audits, policy development, partnership development…

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Availability And Quality Of Parks In Kampala

November 19, 2014 Filed under Livable Cities

Urban parks, composed of open green space and recreation grounds, play a major role in improving the health and well-being of populations in cities and towns. However, with rapid population growth and property development not conforming to plan, a number of public parks have been encroached on by private developers.

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Diagnosing fevers better by mapping deadly mosquitoes in Tanzania

October 1, 2014 Filed under Health, Nutrition & Food Security

Helping to save lives by mapping deadly mosquitoes in Tanzania

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Improved farming, healthier families in Bolivia

October 1, 2014 Filed under Health, Nutrition & Food Security

Through some good planning, a lot of hard work and a bit of luck, we helped about 500 families in the highlands of Bolivia to improve their diets.

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Involving men in maternal and child health in rural India

October 1, 2014 Filed under Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal, & Child Health

In rural India, more than 9,000 men and women were educated about maternal and child health. With men’s support, 20% more women gave birth in a health facility and 19% more women received ante-natal care.

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Livable Cities Program Progress and Success

October 1, 2014 Filed under Livable Cities

HB Vietnam and partners working in the city of Hoi An, Vietnam, successfully developed two mini parks/ parkettes for 2 neighbourhoods of 1,600 people.

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