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Are street vendors an urban menace?

April 21, 2015 Filed under Livable Cities

"In addition to goods, people also sell various services on the streets: haircuts, shoe repair, use of a scale to weigh oneself, diabetes checks, pumping of bicycle tires, and so on."

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HB Livable Cities Director published in UN Chronicle

April 16, 2015 Filed under Livable Cities

Kristie Daniel, Director of Livable Cities at HealthBridge, has an article in a special issue of the UN Chronicle focused on the Sustainable Development Goals that will replace the Millennium Development Goals in 2015. 

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HB finds higher economic costs of smoking in Vietnam

March 31, 2015 Filed under Tobacco Control & NCD Prevention

Smoking cost Vietnam's economy $1.2 billion in 2011, or 0.97% of the country's gross domestic product, according to a new study led by HB Vietnam Country Director Pham Thi Hoang Anh.

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HB-Vietnam campaign to save traditional markets featured

March 24, 2015 Filed under Livable Cities

An article about a successful campaign by HealthBridge-Vietnam to save traditional markets in Hanoi is featured in the current issue of the journal Gender & Development. 

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‘I Don’t Do Anything’, says a housewife. Really?

March 11, 2015 Filed under Other

To mark International Women's Day 2015, HealthBridge and its partner Work for a Better Bangladesh created a video highlighting the vast amount of unpaid work done by women who work in the home.

"What does your husband do?" a visiting researcher ask the housewife in the video. "He has a job," she says. 

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Article on tobacco packs warnings in India quotes HealthBridge

February 25, 2015 Filed under Tobacco Control & NCD Prevention

HealthBridge Special Advisor Shoba John was quoted in the media - again - recently. This time the subject was graphic warnings on cigarette packages in India.

"Government needs to prioritise the nation's health over narrow commercial interests," the article, in the Business Standard online, quoted Shoba saying. 

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HealthBridge Advisor quoted on smoking in movies

February 13, 2015 Filed under Tobacco Control & NCD Prevention

HealthBridge Special Advisor Shoba John was quoted in a recent article in The Canadian Press about smoking in movies. 

Shoba, who is based in India, said that rules against smoking in Indian movies have been watered down, but still have some impact. 

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Healthy Transportation Coalition launched!

February 11, 2015 Filed under Livable Cities

The Healthy Transportation Coalition was officially launched at a ceremony at Ottawa City Hall on Feb. 7. 

HealthBridge is a member of the Coalition, a grassroots movement of concerned citizens, organizations and businesses working together to increase active, affordable and safe transportation choices in Ottawa.

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HealthBridge work on engaging men in family planning featured

February 9, 2015 Filed under Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal, & Child Health

HealthBridge’s Gender programme in India and Vietnam was featured as a case study of a gender transformative approach in family planning.

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Paper published on diet in the Andes

February 4, 2015 Filed under Health, Nutrition & Food Security

HealthBridge Nutrition Advisor Peter Berti and former colleague Cynthia Fallu were co-authors of a recently published paper: A systematic review of the nutritional adequacy of the diet in the Central Andes.

They concluded, in part: "The inadequate intake of some micronutrients is common in many developing countries, but the extremely low intake of dietary fat found in the central Andes is not. Increased consumption of animal-source foods would increase fat intakes, while also addressing micronutrient deficiencies."<…

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