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Now Hiring: Communications & Engagement Officer

June 26, 2019 Filed under Careers

HealthBridge is looking for a dynamic, energetic team player with an interest in global health, and strong communication and interpersonal skills to assist the organization with its public communications (website, social media, e-newsletter), in building relationships with news and existing donors and partners and contributing to the organization’s broader fundraising campaigns and activities (including foundation research, proposal writing, events, on-line giving, major gifts). This person will serve as our lead communications and stakeholder engagement officer.

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Livable Cities initiatives featured on UN Partnerships website

May 30, 2019 Filed under Livable Cities

HealthBridge partner ESAF has three Livable Cities initiatives supporting SDGs  2,3 & 11 featured on the  UN Partnerships for SDG's Platform website.

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Issue 15—NCD and Poverty Research Network Newsletter: Exploring the multi-dimensional relationships between non-communicable diseases and poverty

March 27, 2019 Filed under Tobacco Control & NCD Prevention

In this issue, we look deeper into the links between alcohol, NCDs, and poverty, and into international and local efforts to mitigate the harmful effects of alcohol.

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Livable Cities: Bhopal Final Narrative Report, June 2018 Now Available

March 25, 2019 Filed under Livable Cities

The baby steps CFI has made into creating an enabling environment in Bhopal to address NonCommunicable Diseases, over the last one year, is firmly footing to move forward and make an impact.

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Livable Cities: Nepal Final Narrative Report, August 2018 Now Available

March 25, 2019 Filed under Livable Cities

In Nepal, more than 50% of deaths are caused by NCDs .In the last one decade the disease prevalence shifted from communicable disease to NCDs. The health of the Nepali population is greatly affected by the state of its cities.

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Livable Cities: India Final Narrative Report, April 2018 Now Available

March 25, 2019 Filed under Livable Cities

61% of deaths in India are now attributed to NCDs, which is highly alarming. This trend can be reversed to a large extent if the cities focus on the built environment that could encourage people to be physically active.

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Now Hiring: Partnership and Fundraising Manager

March 4, 2019 Filed under Other

The Parternship & Fundraising Manager will work under the direction of the Executive Director in developing, coordinating and implementing activities to identify, retain and engage foundation, corporate, and individual donors.  In addition, the Manager will be responsible for building and strengthening relationships with new and existing donors to increase the Foundation’s visibility, impact and financial resources.  The Manager will also play a key role in communicating the impact of HealthBridge’s projects and programs to the wider public, through creating engaging content for a variety of channels. Storytelling is a core function of this role.

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Survey to Guide Harmonization of Health Impact and Partnership Metrics

February 21, 2019 Filed under Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal, & Child Health

Are you involved in Women, Adolescents, and Children’s Health (WACH projects)? Do you assess how your global health partnerships work? If either or both applies, we would like your input! 

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Video Spotlight - Male Village Health Worker

February 1, 2019 Filed under Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal, & Child Health

Male Village Health Workers are breaking genders barriers that prevent women from accessing maternal health services by getting men, husbands and fathers excited about and engaged in maternal care.

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Ethnic minority midwife (EMM) from Vietnam grateful for her opportunity

January 8, 2019 Filed under Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal, & Child Health


Quang Thi Chieu is an ethnic minority midwife (EMM) from Long Bon Village in Son La province of Vietnam. She is very proud to provide support and care to women in her village during labour and childbirth.

From Quang Thi Chieu’s experience

It was a hot day when I returned home from my farm, earlier than usual. Around 10 am, a woman from a neighboring village came to my home and asked me to visit her sister who was in her last trimester of…

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