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A confession

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Much as I would love to see the day when cities are free of cars and motorbikes, I must confess that I greatly enjoy the occasional ride on the back of a motorbike. The breeze, the sense of freedom, the feeling of being part of one’s surroundings, and, yes, the effortless movement. I have more FUN when I’m on a bicycle and feel far more virtuous, but there is definitely pleasure as well to riding a motorbike. Does that pleasure mean I should not advocate for cities free of personal motorized transport? Or simply that I am aware that while there would be innumerable advantages to such a city, there are a few downsides as well? To me the important question isn’t “Do I currently benefit from car/motorbike use” but rather “Could my city and my life be better without cars and motorbikes?” Not all will agree, but I have no trouble responding to the second question with a hearty YES!!! I would happily surrender the convenience and pleasure of travel by car and motorbike in order to live in a city without them; that little pang, or twinge of conscience, should not prevent us from working for something better!