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Recent News Entries: Livable Cities

Video: Bhopal communities benefit from “do-it-ourselves” pandemic response

July 13, 2021 Filed under Livable Cities

A "do-it-ourselves" COVID-19 pandemic response: HealthBridge Regional Manager, Phaeba Thomas, teamed up with Caring for India to support low-income communities in Bhopal to safely access healthy public spaces and prevent the spread of COVID-19. What the video:

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Watch: “Public spaces as anchors in social resilience and climate action: The role of participation”

March 3, 2021 Filed under Livable Cities

Kriste Daniel, Livable Cities Director, along with a number of expert panelists dicuss how public spaces are vital components when it comes to climate action and socail resilience.

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Livable Cities Documentary Wins “Best Next Gen Film” Award at the Better Cities Film Festival

November 27, 2020 Filed under Livable Cities

Congratulations to our Livable Cities team for their award winning documentary, Making Our Place. The documentary was featured in the Better Cities Film Festival and awarded the "Best Next Gen Film" Award. Read more:

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The City at Eye Level Asia: A new vision for wet markets in Hanoi

November 6, 2020 Filed under Livable Cities

HealthBridge Vietnam's Tran Thi Kieu Thanh Ha and Stephen Davies from Project for Public Spaces & Place Solutions Group authored a chapter in the book: City at Eye Level Asia, on wet markets in Hanoi: 

As a public health NGO, HealthBridge cares deeply about the condition of public wet markets in Hanoi. They provide affordable, fresh and nutritious food to urban residents, especially the poor. In 2011, there was a decision made by the Hanoi government to replace all markets in the inner city with supermarkets and commercial centres, which were considered more &lsquo…

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Livable Cities Director, Kristie Daniel, speaks during Urban Manifesto’s Webinar on Leverage the Power of Public Markets as Public Spaces

November 6, 2020 Filed under Livable Cities

HealthBridge Livable Cities Director, Kristie Daniel joined Urban Manifesto's webinar, as a speaker, on leveraging the power of public markets as public spaces. Access the webinar via the following link:

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Blog Post: How the Livable Cities team has been adjusting to the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic

September 22, 2020 Filed under Livable Cities

Read how our Livable Cities team has been adjusting to the realities of COVID-19:

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Presentation: Opportunity for Cycling as Mobility in Covid-19 Pandemic

August 10, 2020 Filed under Livable Cities

This presentation by Hai Dinh, Sam Dennis and Shail Shrestha from the Livable Cities Bicycle Team demonstrates and describes how cycling contributes to the Livable Cities goals as well as challenges in mobility, challenges for cycle users and opportunites and initatives for cycling as an afforadable, safe, and sustainable mode of transport in cities around the world. View the presenation:

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Asian Wet Markets Re-Examined: Market Cities as a Force for Investment and Renewal by Steve Davies

June 5, 2020 Filed under Livable Cities

Published just over a year ago,  A New Vision for Hanoi's Wet Markets describes my experience working with HealthBridge Foundation of Canada and local architects to develop design ideas for modernizing three traditional fresh food markets in Hanoi. The workshop was an outgrowth of a successful campaign led by Kieu Ha of HealthBridge to save wet markets from demolition and replace them with shopping centers. Now that the markets had been saved from demolition, the question became what should happen with the 350 markets in the city?

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Livable Cities documentary on the use of public spaces by young female migrants to build their life in Hanoi

March 4, 2020 Filed under Livable Cities

Watch HealthBridge Vietnam's newly produced documentary entitled Making our Place: Stories about how young migrant women use urban public spaces to build a life in Hanoi.

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HealthBridge’s Project Building a Community Garden in Tan Mai Ward, Hanoi Wins Joint Effort Project of the Year

February 25, 2020 Filed under Livable Cities

On January 11th, 2020, a HealthBridge project won an ASHUI (Architecture, Sustainability, Housing, Urbanism, Interior) award for Joint Effort Project of the Year. 

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