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Recent News Entries: Livable Cities

How walking and placemaking are changing in Kathmandu

July 20, 2015 Filed under Livable Cities

Our Livable Cities Director Kristie Daniel just had a post published in the blog of the Sustainable Cities Collective about life in Kathmandu post-earthquakes. She writes:

"Neighbours are spontaneously erecting signs that encouraging drivers to 'drive slow' on their streets, as they don’t want their houses (and fragile states of mind) shaken by speeding vehicles. 

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A busy year! See our annual report for 2014-15

June 17, 2015 Filed under Livable Cities, Tobacco Control & NCD Prevention, Gender Equality, Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn & Child Health, Health, Nutrition & Food Security

From the Andes, where we helped advance the food security of indigenous peoples, to Asia, where we helped make cities amenable to better transportation, recreation and job opportunities for the poor, HealthBridge has pioneered sustainable solutions to the persistent problems of marginalization and unchecked growth. 

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Saturday night mobile playground

June 7, 2015 Filed under Livable Cities

Starting in April, a free mobile playground has been set up for children in the old quarter of Ha Noi on Saturday evenings.

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Bike Host program gets a leg up

May 21, 2015 Filed under Livable Cities

The Bike Host program of the Healthy Transportation Coalition can roll a little faster now thanks to a grant from the Ottawa Community Foundation.

The free program is designed to match newcomers to Canada interested in cycling with Canadian resident mentors who cycle regularly.  It will run in Ottawa's Bayshore community, in July-August 2015. 

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Are street vendors an urban menace?

April 21, 2015 Filed under Livable Cities

"In addition to goods, people also sell various services on the streets: haircuts, shoe repair, use of a scale to weigh oneself, diabetes checks, pumping of bicycle tires, and so on."

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HB Livable Cities Director published in UN Chronicle

April 16, 2015 Filed under Livable Cities

Kristie Daniel, Director of Livable Cities at HealthBridge, has an article in a special issue of the UN Chronicle focused on the Sustainable Development Goals that will replace the Millennium Development Goals in 2015. 

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HB-Vietnam campaign to save traditional markets featured

March 24, 2015 Filed under Livable Cities

An article about a successful campaign by HealthBridge-Vietnam to save traditional markets in Hanoi is featured in the current issue of the journal Gender & Development. 

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Healthy Transportation Coalition launched!

February 11, 2015 Filed under Livable Cities

The Healthy Transportation Coalition was officially launched at a ceremony at Ottawa City Hall on Feb. 7. 

HealthBridge is a member of the Coalition, a grassroots movement of concerned citizens, organizations and businesses working together to increase active, affordable and safe transportation choices in Ottawa.

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Availability And Quality Of Parks In Kampala

November 19, 2014 Filed under Livable Cities

Urban parks, composed of open green space and recreation grounds, play a major role in improving the health and well-being of populations in cities and towns. However, with rapid population growth and property development not conforming to plan, a number of public parks have been encroached on by private developers.

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Livable Cities Program Progress and Success

October 1, 2014 Filed under Livable Cities

HB Vietnam and partners working in the city of Hoi An, Vietnam, successfully developed two mini parks/ parkettes for 2 neighbourhoods of 1,600 people.

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