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10 years as HB Vietnam Country Director: Congratulations Hoang Anh!

December 14, 2016 Filed under Other

"The credibility and impact of HealthBridge Vietnam is a testament to the commitment and efforts of Hoang Anh.”    

-- HealthBridge Executive Director Sian FitzGerald 

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Giving can go a long way, even around the world

October 29, 2016 Filed under Livable Cities, Other

"We had, and seized, the opportunity to be what until now was part of the unwritten history of global efforts aimed at reducing smoking.”

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HB Board member named Outstanding Philanthropist

June 23, 2016 Filed under Other

In addition to being a Board member, David has been a donor to HealthBridge for nearly 20 years. supporting some of our core activities, thus allowing us to be creative and innovative in the way we approach emerging issues and draw attention to them. This is a uniquely valuable kind of gift, and his ongoing support has helped us to be strategic in our work. 

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Students portray obstacles on their school routes

February 23, 2016 Filed under Livable Cities, Other

Students in the Bangladesh capital Dhaka recently drew pictures portraying the difficulties they face on the way to school.

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HealthBridge is new secretariat for global tobacco control alliance, FCA

February 4, 2016 Filed under Tobacco Control & NCD Prevention, Other

On Jan. 1, 2016, HealthBridge became the secretariat for the Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control (FCA). 

FCA played an instrumental role as civil society’s representative at the creation of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, and today has nearly 500 member organizations in more than 100 countries. HealthBridge and FCA have collaborated on numerous projects over the years. 

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Hanoi residents undaunted by busier streets

August 31, 2015 Filed under Livable Cities, Other

Increasing traffic in Hanoi is making the city less livable, according to a recent article co-authored by HealthBridge board member Mark Zuidgeest

However, Mark and his fellow authors were surprised to find that heavier traffic on some streets did not make residents less sociable. 

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20 years for Debra and Sian!

August 4, 2015 Filed under Other

In 2015 two of the driving forces behind HealthBridge’s success are celebrating 20 years with us. 

Debra Efroymson’s career with HB started in the role of consultant.

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‘I Don’t Do Anything’, says a housewife. Really?

March 11, 2015 Filed under Other

To mark International Women's Day 2015, HealthBridge and its partner Work for a Better Bangladesh created a video highlighting the vast amount of unpaid work done by women who work in the home.

"What does your husband do?" a visiting researcher ask the housewife in the video. "He has a job," she says. 

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