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Could children once again cycle to school in Bangalore, India?

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In cities around the world, people comment on the dramatic change in the way kids go to school in just one generation. Adults remember walking and cycling, but would never allow their own children to travel that way. India is no exception. But how do children feel about that change? As staff at the NGO ESAF visited school after school in Bangalore to talk to children about how they travel to school currently and how they would like to get to school, they were surprised at the results. Many children expressed a strong interest in cycling to school. The motorbike and car have marginalized bicycles and made independent movement for children (and the elderly) an impossible dream, but ESAF staff plan, with their Active and Safe Routes to School program, to take steps to make that dream a reality…one of the first steps being to demonstrate children’s strong desire to be able to go to school by pedal power.