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HB Board member named Outstanding Philanthropist

June 23, 2016

HealthBridge Board Member Emeritus, David Sweanor, is being honoured as Outstanding Individual Philanthropist by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP).

The award, one of the Ottawa Philanthropy Awards, is presented to an individual (or couple) whose personal resources (primarily financial, but also time and leadership) have made a significant impact on an organization.

In addition to being a Board member, David has been a donor to HealthBridge for nearly 20 years. supporting some of our core activities, thus allowing us to be creative and innovative in the way we approach emerging issues and draw attention to them. This is a uniquely valuable kind of gift, and his ongoing support has helped us to be strategic in our work. 

Congratulations from the HealthBridge family David!

Read more about David's philanthropy

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