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HealthBridge launches new report on parks

November 6, 2017 Livable Cities

In a new report, HealthBridge Foundation of Canada identifies policies from around the world that promote the development and maintenance of public parks. Policies that Support Parks and Open Public Spaces takes a closer look at policies that develop, build and maintain public parks—and provides examples for local and national governments to follow.

The report draws recommendations from public policies implemented in several countries, including Vietnam, the Philippines, Mexico and Guatemala, and provides insight into the various aspects of public park policies. Location, management, design and funding are identified as key areas for attention when developing a public parks policy. The report also recommends that all levels of government work in collaboration and include citizens in policy planning.

Parks and public spaces are critical to the health and vibrancy of communities. Research has shown that increased access to parks and public spaces has health, environmental and economic benefits for citizens. However, despite the many benefits of public parks, they tend to be overlooked and neglected in cities. Given the important role that parks play in improving quality of life, supporting local economies and improving the environment, it is important to develop policies that preserve, protect and enhance these important community assets.

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