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Issue 12: NCD and Poverty Research Network shines light on unhealthy food advertising

January 2, 2018 Tobacco Control & NCD Prevention

Issue 12 NCD Prevention and Control versus Industry Marketing: Unhealthy Foods

The latest issue of the NCD and Poverty Research Network focuses on the marketing of unhealthy food and beverages and provides examples of how some countries are countering its harmful effects. 

Unhealthy diet is one of the four major causes of non-communicable diseases. Industry marketing, promotion and sponsorship can contribute to the consumption of unhealthy foods and beverages by inaccurately portraying these products as healthy, fun and a necessary part of an active and modern social life.

Countries such as Canada, France and Ireland have taken steps to restrict and reduce advertisements for unhealthy foods targeted at children. 

The NCD and Poverty Research Network explores the multi-dimensional relationships between non-communicable diseases and poverty. 

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