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Mind the Step returns to Jardim Angela, São Paulo

May 28, 2018 Livable Cities

Photo Credit: Cidade Ativa, 2018.

A new Mind the Step project has launched in Jardim Angela, São Paulo, Brazil! The project aims to transform a well-used public staircase into a safer, more accessible public space. Cidade Ativa is leading the project with the support of HealthBridge Foundation of Canada and  UN-Habitat.

Cidade Ativa will work with local artists, a nearby school and community association to transform the staircase into a better public space for everyone. The staircase, located close to a commercial street in Jardim Nakamura, a district in southern São Paulo, is used by many people all day long but does not have proper lighting nor seating for people that may need rest. There is also often a lot of garbage on the staircase.

Cidade Ativa selected the location for the project in March 2018. This is the fifth installment in the Mind the Step project. Cidade Ativa is one of eight organizations working with HealthBridge to build better public spaces through the support of the Block by Block Foundation.

Adapted from Cidade Ativa’s Blog on the 14th of May, 2018.

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