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New park launches in Hanoi

December 7, 2017 Livable Cities

The Livable Cities team and Think Playgrounds are proud to announce the launch of a new park in Hanoi, Vietnam!

The park transforms an underused space into one where children can run and play. The park is specifically designed for children under the age of five and is accessible to children with disabilities. Attending the launch were local officials, parents and partners. HealthBridge staff members from Canada and Vietnam were also pleased to be in attendance.

Hanoi lacks parks and public spaces where children can play. Those parks that do exist tend to be dominated by older children—making them less safe for young children, and children with disabilities, to use. Livable Cities is hopeful that this park will be seen as an example for city planners and advocates, and will raise awareness of the need to develop more safe places for young children to play.   

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