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In the news: our promotion of public spaces in Uganda

February 22, 2017


Our partners in Uganda continue to promote the creation of parks and other public spaces in the capital city Kampala.

David Ouma Balikowa of the Non-communicable Diseases Information and Control Centre (NICC) worked on recent studies, supported by HealthBridge, on the availability and quality of parks and informal spaces for active recreation in Kampala. In a recent newspaper interview he argued that authorities should take back public spaces that have been encroached upon, compensating encroachers if necessary.

“We realised, especially in urban places, that before you tell people to engage in exercise, the infrastructure and supportive environment must be there,” Balikowa said, “That is why we had to find out the available public spaces where one can go and engage in these kinds of physical or recreational activities.”

Read the full interview.

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