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Parklet Manual - A primer on creating small parks

May 29, 2017

World Carfree Day in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Can a space large enough for just one car be considered a park (a 'parklet' to be precise)?

Yes, and we have a document that tells you why - along with where, what, how and when to create your own parklet.

"The demand for socializing and recreation is innate to people... Parklets can be one activity that could brings back the human touch and socialization!"according to the Parklet Manual, by HealthBridge and ESAF, our partner in India.

This tiny document (8 pages only) is big on practical advice, including: 

  • How you can decorate a parklet
  • What kinds of games and activities you can have, and
  • How to create a temporary parklet: "Choose a time, choose a location, measure the space, inform the police and invite journalists."

Societies have two options, says the booklet: 1. Continue sacrificing more and more space for private vehicles and crib about air and noise pollution, or 2. Start reclaiming spaces for people and promote healthy living.

Read more about real parklets in Dhaka.

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