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The poor cycle more, but the rich get the smooth rides

June 23, 2017 Livable Cities

Photo (c) Flickr user Paul Krueger.

Ottawa's Healthy Transportation Coalition is probing why low-income neighbourhoods, where biking is often a necessity, don't receive the same funding for infrastructure as their wealthier counterparts. HTC's Trevor Haché is quoted in a recent article in Ottawa Magazine: an excerpt is below:

"It's a pattern researchers have uncovered in other cities as well: people in low-income communities are more likely to use bikes as part of their daily routine, but wealthier communities receive the lion's share of funding.

As the phenomenon becomes clear, a new term is being coined: cycling equity. While tough to define, it can be seen as fair distribution of resources, taking into account current situations and future needs. But those at the forefront of the push for cycling equity are saying that what's really needed are voices from marginalized communities, who know best how to connect their neighbourhoods with the rest of the city."

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