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Exercise or joy?

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It's funny how exercise can get such a bad rap. It is seen by too many people as something to be dreaded, a necessary evil to try to lose weight or stay healthy. But from a different perspective, it is sitting still that should be considered as punishment. How, after all, do people express joy or excitement? Not by sitting quietly and smiling, but by jumping up and down, clapping their hands, dancing around the room... So why have we disassociated exercise, physical activity, or simply movement from the expression of pleasure, joy, and happiness? Of course we need to facilitate walking and cycling in cities so that people will incorporate physical activity into their daily lives, and that movement should be highly pleasurable and rewarding...but perhaps we would go about the whole process of transforming our urban environments differently (more joyfully) if we remembered that physical activity is not just healthy, not just efficient in terms of getting places, but also a deep manifestation of enjoyment.