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HealthBridge at the Planet Local Summit

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HealthBridge at the Planet Local Summit


The Planet Local Summit in Bristol brought together hundreds of people from around the world to celebrate local food, local knowledge and local economies. HealthBridge had a strong presence; our Senior Advisor Debra Efroymson shared her experience improving the livability of cities and building local movements. On the first day, Debra and HealthBridge consultant Justin Hyatt organized an interactive workshop on designing reclaimed civic spaces. Participants worked in groups to imagine what spaces in their cities could look like minus cars, with great facilities for walking, cycling and socializing outdoors. They were particularly pleased to have the former mayor of Bristol and an active and effective advocate for people centered spaces, George Ferguson, attend the event.

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On Day Two, Debra spoke in a breakout session on the importance of humor in movement building: creating a fun environment to attract people, promote creativity and reduce burnout.

On Day Three Debra spoke at a plenary about the power of people versus corporations, in order to enable the many positive initiatives around the world that require supportive policies.

On Day Four there was a networking session attended by Debra and Justin. They had the opportunity to work in small groups with other participants to discuss potential future activities of Local Futures, the organizers of the event.

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HealthBridge is always pleased to participate in events to spread our experience in improving the livability of cities and learn from other organizations.

Viva localization!!