HealthBridge rolling at Habitat III

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HealthBridge rolling at Habitat III


Visitors at the HealthBridge booth at Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador on Oct 17, 2016.

HealthBridge and partners created a focal point at Habitat III in Quito in November talking about the importance of public spaces for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda.

Habitat III is short form for the United Nations’ Habitat III Summit on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development.

The meeting focused on the New Urban Agenda (NUA), the United Nations’ policy framework document that will inform urban development around the world for the next two decades.

HealthBridge and our partners have been active participants in the Habitat III process and we intend to make a meaningful contribution to the NUA. Our major area of focus has been to encourage the inclusion of strong, positive language about the importance of public spaces, including streets for walking and cycling, local public markets and open public spaces.

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