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It’s all about the people

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Some days I love my job. Yesterday HealthBridge’s partner organization, Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust, organized an informal exchange meeting for people with disabilities to tell us their problems moving around Dhaka and some of the desired solutions. Seventeen people attended, including several children. Listening to the suffering of those in wheelchairs and the blind was painful, particularly when the stories were of almost deliberate harassment: bus attendants refusing to take passengers with disabilities, schools that make no effort to make their premises accessible to children with special needs. But throughout the meeting, the intense interest and eagerness of the children shone through. For those unable to speak, their facial expressions were eloquent: give me a place in your society, appreciate me for who I am, do not force me to remain a prisoner at home. I can hardly imagine a more enjoyable task than helping them to realize their dream.