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More time, better lives

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It is a common complaint that there never seem to be enough hours in the day for all we need, much less wish, to do. We spend too much time running around in a flurry, not enough time relaxing. We become more and more dependent on processed food and restaurant meals since we don’t have time to shop, cook, and clean. Yet the average Canadian adult watches TV for four hours and twenty minutes a day. Young people spend even more time than that on social media. And then there’s our commutes: on average an hour a day for Canadians, but that doesn’t count all of our errands and social and recreational trips, which could add another hour or two a day. What’s true for Canadians is roughly similar for other nationalities. And what are the answers? Rather than the trip to and from work, school, shops, friends’ homes, restaurants, sports fields, and so on being a chore, they could become a pleasure, a source of much-needed socialization and exercise, if we could walk or cycle to them. And if we spent more time socializing and knew more people in our community, we might be tempted to spend vastly less time with TV and social media. We could have better cities and better lives…and save not only time but buckets of money in the process.