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Smoke free National Games

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Smoke free National Games


Following the success of the 31st Smoke free South-East Asia (SEA) Games in 2022, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has continued to collaborate with HealthBridge to conduct the 9th Smoke-free National Games. The 9th Smoke Free National Games is being held from December 8th – 21st 2022, featuring 43 sports and welcoming about 10,000 athletes nationwide.

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More than 60 volunteers were already trained by HealthBridge on smoke-free sports events. Forty banners and 40 posters on the harmful effects of second-hand smoking were printed to display at the event, and radio and video programs about the Smoke Free National Games will be broadcasted at competition venues. Information on the harmful effects of tobacco will be distributed to those partaking in the event, particularly athletes. Messages about the harms of second-hand smoke and the benefits of smoke-free environments will be shared with about 100 journalists at the press conference to introduce the Games.

Implementing the 9th Smoke Free National Games shows a strong commitment from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to promote a healthy environment and protect athletes, coaches, spectators, organizers, managers, volunteers and the general audience from exposure to second-hand smoke.