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Sometimes things go right

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Recently HealthBridge’s local partner Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB Trust) organized a nationwide advocacy campaign to push for a separate Ministry for rail, as part of their Liveable Cities program. Travel by train is cheaper and safer than by bus, requires a lot less land, and generates far less pollution than road-based transport. But when road and rail travel are included together, rail tends to get forgotten. Just a few days ago the Government of Bangladesh announced that it was creating a separate Rail Ministry! The groups involved in the campaign are delighted at this success; the new Minister is pleased at the support offered by WBB and its partners and has reached out to them for more information and assistance. Advocacy is tough work; rarely do we get to enjoy so gratifying a victory. Meanwhile, many people thought WBB was crazy for setting so ambitious a goal, which demonstrates that sometimes it is better to be audacious than cautious.