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The Equity Tool for Valuing Global Health Partnerships

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The Equity Tool for Valuing Global Health Partnerships


HealthBridge has been involved in a project developing The Equity Toolkit. A new publication related to this project has just been released.

The Equity Tool (EQT) was developed by researchers across Canada, Burkina Faso and Vietnam to provide a user-friendly tool for evaluating global health partnerships using an equity lens.

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Over the past decade, equity has become recognized as a core value guiding the practice of global health. Whether oriented toward research, capacity building, or development, partnerships are often promoted as mechanisms for working in global health, with equity more-or-less centered in the process and practices in global health.

The Equity Tool (EQT) offers a practical guide for considering equity in 4 domains of practice: governance and process, procedures and operations, progress and impacts, and power and inclusion.

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Key Implications

  • The EQT will spark questions that invite people to pause and think about their experiences within a partnership.
  • By periodically engaging in relational, reflective dialogue about how equity is experienced in a global health partnership using the EQT, partners can embrace ways of recognizing, understanding, and advancing equity in all their processes.
  • The EQT offers prompts for reflective dialogue about how equity or inequity is experienced in many different ways and moments throughout the process of partnering, which require attention to creating safe, learning-focused conversations with clear intentions and respect for the contributions and vulnerability of all involved.

Learn more about The Equity Tool for Valuing Global Health Partnerships.