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Which women don’t work?

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In my last blog I mentioned a few pieces of work to which I contributed that actually were finished. Now for a little more detail on each item, blog by blog…

For International Women’s Day (8 March), HealthBridge, Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust, and the Institute of Wellbeing in Dhaka decided to jointly produce a short video about women’s household work. HealthBridge and partner organizations believe that part of the reason for the low status of women is the belief that women who do not hold a paying job do not contribute anything valuable to the family, society, or the nation. Yet the unpaid work done by women is vital; nobody could survive without it.

The rules for calculation of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) exclude most of the household work done by women; when their work is excluded, women are excluded. This is an important issue that merits far more discussion and debate. For now, please watch and “like” the videos! You can watch the English one on the HealthBridge website, or watch both of them directly here: English and Bangla. And while we’re at it, let’s work on removing those meaningless words “working woman” from our vocabulary!