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Donor Spotlight: David Sweanor

David Sweanor is a member emeritus of the HealthBridge board of directors.

A Canadian lawyer, David has worked in global public health efforts on tobacco for over 30 years. He has played a key role in Canadian efforts on tobacco taxation, smuggling, advertising restrictions, package labeling, environmental tobacco smoke, cessation, product regulation and other issues. In addition, he has been active on a similar range of global issues, working with bodies such as the International Union Against Cancer, World Health Organization, World Bank and numerous governments and health agencies.

David's primary area of work has been the interaction of law and economics as a determinant of public health, with particular recent emphasis on tax policy, contraband tobacco, provision of tobacco dependence treatment products and the changing landscape of reduced risk products.

In 2015, David revealed that he had been donating anonymously, including to HealthBridge, for the previous 15 years. In 2016, he received the Ottawa Philanthropy Award for Outstanding Individual Philanthropist.

Watch David speak about why he supports HealthBridge:

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