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Donor Spotlight: Tenaquip Foundation

The Tenaquip Foundation was created in November 2006 to support registered Canadian charities working in the areas of medical research, hospitals, children’s welfare and humanitarian causes. Since its inception, the Foundation has generously contributed over $10 million to Canadians in need, but also to several international programs, including HealthBridge Foundation of Canada.

The Tenaquip Foundation has supported HealthBridge since 2011, making the Foundation one of our long-term supporters. Over the last seven years, Tenaquip has provided essential support to The Pakur mother and child survival project and the project Saving lives of mothers and children in Nepal and Vietnam. Tenaquip’s generous contributions have helped deliver healthcare to 60,000 women and babies during pregnancy, child birth and the post-partum period in rural India.

Thank you, Tenaquip, for continuing to support HealthBridge and improving the health of vulnerable populations worldwide!