HealthBridge works with partners world-wide to improve health and health equity through research, policy and action.

Give a gift in tribute

Celebrate your special moments or honour a loved one with a tribute gift to HealthBridge. By giving today, you will help build a world where all people have access to the healthy environments and care they need to live full lives. 

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When you give a tribute gift, we will send a personalized card to the person you have honoured, or the person of your choice, to advise them of your gift. Donation amounts are kept strictly confidential.  

Give a gift in tribute to honour a loved one or special event, or consider giving a gift to one of the following funds:

The Tim Stone Memorial Fund

Support the work of a HealthBridge intern by giving to the Tim Stone Memorial Fund. 

HealthBridge works with several talented young men and women worldwide to strengthen health and health equity. The annual award of $3,500 gives an intern the opportunity to explore a career in international development. 

The Tim Stone Memorial Fund honours the memory of HealthBridge’s founding Executive Director, Tim Stone. 


The Patti White Memorial Fund

Continue the legacy of Patti White by giving a gift to the Patti White Memorial Fund. 

Patti White was a lifelong advocate on issues of women’s rights and tobacco control, including as a founding member of the International Network of Women Against Tobacco. 

The Fund supports HealthBridge’s work to improve women’s rights and prevent the harms caused by tobacco.  


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