HealthBridge works with partners world-wide to improve health and health equity through research, policy and action.

International Presence

HealthBridge is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. It has programs in three countries, and projects around the world. 


HealthBridge in Bangladesh 

The HealthBridge Regional Director for Asia works in Dhaka, where we collaborate with Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB Trust), providing technical assistance, and jointly implementing our programs. 

HealthBridge began working in Bangladesh in 1998, focussed on Tobacco Control. In 2004 we introduced a new program area: Livable Cities. 

Livable Cities looks at how urban growth and transport affects various development issues, including health, poverty, the environment and livelihoods. 

HealthBridge in India 

Our work in India began in 2001, supporting local initiatives in Tobacco Control policy development and media advocacy. 

For three years we worked closely with the Government of India in drafting and enacting a comprehensive tobacco control law. In 2005 our program in India was expanded to include activities in Gender and Reproductive Health and in 2010, Livable Cities

HealthBridge in Vietnam 

HealthBridge began working in Vietnam in 1993. HealthBridge Vietnam’s projects have addressed issues related to Tobacco Control, Gender, Reproductive Health, HIV & AIDS, Cancer Control, Livable Cities and Nutrition

Our activities in Vietnam have focused on research for advocacy, innovative approaches to technical assistance, capacity building, creating and strengthening networks and developing resource materials. Through these activities, HealthBridge Vietnam responds to the technical and capacity-building needs of government and local NGOs, providing the resource materials required for their work.