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Preventable death and illness are a hard reality for people living in poverty. Malnutrition, infectious diseases and emerging epidemics have devastating effects on communities where people have little or no access to health services, safe spaces or good nutrition. 


Your one-time gift gives people access to the care, food and environment they need to be strong and healthy—and reduces their risk of preventable illness and death. 

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Saving lives of mothers and children in Nepal and Vietnam

Women and their children need better access to health services an nutrition in rural Vietnam and Nepal. Poverty, cultural barriers and long distances to health facilities make it difficult for women and children to get the health services they need to survive and thrive. As a result, both regions have rates of maternal and child mortality that are higher than national averages. 

Give a one-time gift to ensure women and children get the health care they need. 

  • $50 will equip Female Community Health Volunteers with first aid kits, basic medication and supplies
  • $100 will train one Ethnic Minority Midwife to deliver essential pre- and post-natal care
  • $250 will provide a village health worker with much-needed equipment to carry out their lifesaving work
  • $500 will set up and maintain an Emergency Obstetric Care Revolving Fund that provides pregnant women emergency transportation to health facilities 


Livable Cities 

For the first time in history more than half of the world’s population lives in towns and cities. The way cities are built impacts people’s quality of life, including their risk of disease, the food they eat, and their ability to be physically active and mobile. 

Give a one-time gift to make sure people in cities have access to healthy and safe transportation, nutritious foods, parks and public spaces. 

  • $50 will create much-needed green space in cities by reclaiming public spaces
  • $100 will make crossing the street safer in India by supporting our team to advocate for safe pedestrian crossings 
  • $250 will help our team in India advocate for safe bike storage and parking
  • $500 will give children a safe place to play in Vietnam by supporting the construction of a playground


Health, Nutrition and Food Security 

People live healthier lives when they have nutritious food at their fingertips—for good. Being able to enjoy healthy, local livestock and crops, and feed children appropriate foods, are part of making sure people have what they need to build a healthy future. 

Give a one-time gift to ensure people living in poverty have the nutrition they need to be healthy now, and for the rest of their lives. 

  • $50 will train Mothers Groups in Nepal to prepare enriched "superflour"—a locally available, nutritious food
  • $100 will support one women’s group to come together once a month for one year to identify root causes of malnutrition and develop solutions for their community
  • $250 will provide seeds and training to 30 Mothers Groups to plant home gardens that yeild nutritious, local crops
  • $500 will support the annual operating costs of a village group that provides training to caregivers on nutrition during pregnancy and proper feeding for infants and children


Tobacco Control and Non-Communicable Disease Prevention

Tobacco use is one of the single most preventable causes of death in the world, and is the one risk factor common to four major non-communicable diseases (NCDs): cancers, cardiovascular and lung disease, and diabetes. For people living in poverty, the risk of dying from any of the major NCDs is double that of people not living in poverty and have a devastating impact on a family's livelihood. 

Give a one-time gift to support and promote policy-based solutions to reduce the risks of non-communicable diseases.


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