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Ottawa philanthropist encourages others to give

For over 15 years HealthBridge has kept a pleasant secret. One of our long-serving Board members, David Sweanor, has quietly been a key donor to our tobacco control, liveable cities and food and nutrition programs.

David’s timely donations have sparked some of our most innovative work and allowed us to make important contributions, especially in emerging areas of public health that are not “hot topics”, and not on the radar of most donors.

He has made many other progressive donations over the years, working closely with the Community Foundation of Ottawa. David has been making these donations anonymously. But he has recently gone public. He is eager to encourage other current and would-be philanthropists to maximize their giving for maximum impact.

HealthBridge thanks David for his many years of contributions and we applaud his efforts to influence other philanthropists. And if you are one of those would-be philanthropists who has been encouraged, and you are looking for a worthy cause, we have a number of innovative things to support both in Ottawa and internationally… 

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