Actions for Livable Cities Program Success in Niger

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In this project, HealthBridge’s partner, Peaceful Roads, is focusing on creating the conditions for successfully putting in place the Livable Cities program in Niger. The program will focus on ensuring access to: healthy transportation, parks and public spaces and healthy foods. In order to succeed, it will require the support of politicians and other decision makers. This short-term project was intended to mobilize that support at the local, municipal and national level. Specifically, Peaceful Roads was working to:

  • mobilize the mayors of Niger's capital Niamey, and potential local funders, to support implementation of the Livable Cities program in Niger;
  • engage journalists to cover its activities;
  • mobilize parliamentarians to support the program;
  • continue disseminating the main results of the study on the pedestrian situation in Niamey by producing and distributing 200 flyers;
  • reinforce the capacity of Peaceful Roads.