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3M Project: Men using Mobile Phones to Improve Maternal Health


A basic package of maternal and neonatal health services can save the lives of mothers and newborns during pregnancy, birth and the post-natal period. However, improving maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) requires more than just providing services: mothers must be motivated, able to seek health care at critical times, and must use appropriate self-care practices. It is well known that support from family members, particularly husbands, is important for enabling women’s access to health care. This project developed and pilot tested an mHealth application to engage and educate husbands on maternal health care, and assessed the impact on men’s involvement in maternal health and women’s use of maternal health care services. A compementary goal of the project was to increase knowledge amongst Canadian organizations of promising approaches for using mHealth to improve MNCH.


Pakur, India



Sept 2014 - March 2016