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Assessment of the Quality of Parks and Pedestrian Environment in Arusha City, Tanzania


HealthBridge's partner, Mount Meru University, is doing a study that will assess the quality of public parks and pedestrian spaces in Arusha, Tanzania. Specifically, this research intends to:

  • identify and map all available public parks in Arusha;
  • analyze the quality of the pedestrian environments around all public parks in Arusha;
  • assess the accessibility and pedestrian environment/infrastructure around public parks in Arusha; and,
  • examine the types of uses, and users, of public parks in Arusha.

This information will be used to help the city council and key stakeholders make informed decisions related to public parks and pedestrian spaces.





December 2014 - September 2016

Expected Results

This project is intended to:

  • increase understanding of the accessibility and quality of park and pedestrian areas in Arusha; and,
  • raise awareness among decision-makers about the current state of parks and pedestrian spaces in Arusha.