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EkoComer: Understanding and advancing the “250 Thousand Families” Responsible Consumption campaign in Ecuador


We are working to understand the drivers of “responsible consumption”, that is, what social factors, local food environment differences, national policies around food, and individual characterstitics contribute to individuals making dietary choices that contribute to their pesonal health, the health of the local environment and the local economy. Ecuador is at a critical junction, as policies to promote health and food sovereignty, put in place by previous governments are now under threat by industry lobbying of the current “business friendly” government.





2016-March 2019

Expected Results

Our consortium is undertaking strategic research to understand the actual and potential impact of the “250 Thousand Families” campaign as well as to seek opportunities for strengthening it through scientific backstopping and public policy linkages. In so doing, we seeks to answer how civil society- led marketing campaigns and similar social innovations in the agri-food domain can help government and its citizenry to tackle pressing NCDs and associated social and environmental concerns.